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Free Range Pure Gavran Rooster 1 – 1.5KG



Introducing our Pure Gavran Rooster, a majestic symbol of tradition and quality. Raised with care on our free range farm. Bred from generations of pure Gavran lineage, this majestic bird roams freely, embodying the essence of tradition and vitality.


🐓 Key Features:

  • Pure Breed: Our Gavran Rooster is bred from a lineage of pure Gavran heritage, known for their robust health and distinctive characteristics.
  • Stunning Appearance: With its vibrant plumage and proud stature, our rooster adds a touch of natural beauty to any farm or homestead.
  • Natural Vigor: Bred for strength and vitality, our Gavran Rooster exhibits the resilience and vigor of its breed, ensuring optimal health and fertility.
  • Heritage Preservation: By choosing our Pure Gavran Rooster, you’re supporting the preservation of a cherished breed and promoting genetic diversity in poultry farming.

🌟 Benefits:

  • Superior Genetics: Our Gavran Rooster is bred for superior genetics, resulting in offspring with robust health and desirable traits.
  • Natural Pest Control: Roosters play a vital role in pest control, keeping your farm free from unwanted insects and pests.
  • Authentic Farm Experience: Enhance the ambiance of your farm or homestead with the presence of a Pure Gavran Rooster, adding charm and authenticity to your surroundings.
  • Breeding Potential: Whether you’re looking to expand your flock or maintain a heritage breeding program, our Gavran Rooster is the ideal choice for breeding purposes.

Experience the legacy of Gavran heritage with our Pure Gavran Rooster. Elevate your farm and embrace tradition today!


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