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Discover the freshest organic produce straight from our sustainable farm. Embrace a healthier way of living with Malkar Organics.


Our Services

Organic Produce

Enjoy a variety of fresh, pesticide-free vegetables and fruits grown with care and respect for nature’s balance.

Desi Livestock

Ethically raised desi poultry, dairy, goats, and crabs for a complete farm experience.

Home Stay

Unique sustainable stay in the midst of our farm for an immersive farm-to-table experience.

Our Organic Journey

Malkar Organics delivers fresh organic produce through innovative permaculture farming methods, integrating desi poultry, dairy, goats, and crabs for a sustainable ecosystem.


Founded on the principle of sustainable farming, our journey began with a vision to provide fresh, organic produce to our community.

Permaculture Farming

We cultivate fresh produce using innovative permaculture techniques that enhance sustainability and conservation.

Integrated Farming

Our farm incorporates desi poultry, dairy, goats, and crabs, creating a holistic ecosystem that ensures sustainability.

Unique Offerings

Indulge in a sustainable home stay experience like no other with our diverse range of unique offerings.

Our Unique Value

Fresh Organic Produce

Enjoy the freshness and quality of our organically grown fruits and vegetables straight from our farm to your table.

Sustainable Practices

We are committed to sustainable farming practices that prioritize environmental conservation and community well-being.

Authentic Farm Experience

Immerse yourself in the authenticity of farm life with our unique farm tours and experiential stays for a true taste of rural living.

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